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Newly Constructed Homes – Denver, CO

Mold & Mildew – Case History


Newly Constructed Homes


Denver, CO


New homes in the Denver area are experiencing visible mold infestations in crawl spaces within the first year or less – before the homes are even occupied in some cases. In an effort to reduce problems associated with slab-on-grade construction in areas with expansive clays, structured basement floors are being constructed. After construction these floors leave crawl spaces 2 to 3 feet above the natural ground. During over-lot grading on new subdivisions mold spores are released into the atmospheres. Due to the rapid rate of house construction and new air-tight construction techniques these mold spores are enclosed within these crawl spaces, which provide a perfect breeding ground for mold reproduction – moisture, darkness and food. Dehumidifying exhaust fans are being installed to alleviate the moisture in the air within the crawl spaces, but once the mold is established dehumidifiers cannot halt the growth of existing mold. Thousands of homes in the Denver metro area are experiencing this rampant problem. Remediation is the only safe course of action


Following the cleaning and sanitizing of all infested surfaces, with care being exercised to use mildewcides containing low levels of halogens, SE-110-CI corrosion-inhibiting primer (which provide long-term protection against corrosion of hangers and metal fasteners) followed by SE-120 topcoat were installed on the underneath side of the structured floors. This SAFE Encasement coating system prevents the escape of any remaining mold spores, functions as a water vapor retarder that minimizes the amount of moisture that can reach the substrate surface and lead to the re-growth of the existing mold, and it provides an ASTM-tested high level of mold resistance at the surface of the coating that protects against the growth of new mold, all in a tough, flexible, long-lasting protective film with outstanding adhesion to most surfaces. The materials cost of this long-lasting, pesticide-free, mold-resistant coating system is 60-70 cents per sq. ft. The application of this coating system to new construction at the outset provides long-lasting protection from mold development for a cost (including labor) that’s affordable. The contractor was Jehn & Associates of Arvada, CO.