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Kentucky Home – Kentucky

Mold & Mildew – Case History


Kentucky Home




A pin-hole leak on the supply line to the ice maker created a mold contamination in the crawl space and on the wall of this residence to such a degree that the couple were sensitized enough to have to move out temporarily. After investigating and determining the cause of the problem, and removing all the contaminated building materials that could be removed with out causing structural support concerns, all remaining surfaces were cleaned and sanitized per standard protocol. But after this and repeated cleaning and sanitizing attempts, sampling showed clearance levels of CFU were still not attained. The insurance carrier was ready to send a $150,000.00 check leading to full demolition and rebuilding of this property.


The use of SAFE Encasement’s primer, (SE-110) followed by their topcoat (SE-120) on all structurally sound building components which were stained lead to clearance being achieved. The couple returned to their property and are regaining their good health. The expense of $500.00 of the proper coating system saved an extensive demolition and replacement expense. Hasgoe Cleaning Systems installed this encasement system as part of this successful mold and mildew remediation project.