Abatement by Encasement: Safeguarding People while Saving MoneyTM

Windows – Harkness Memorial Hall – New Haven, CT

Case History


Harkness Memorial Hall


New Haven, CT


The window trim on this masonry building has damaged, loose and flaking paint and had become an eyesore. The client could not relocate the tenants and occupants of the busy day care center, therefore this had to be done while the building was occupied. Additionally the building is within 40 feet of many outside food vendors who serve lunch. Independent examination and testing determined the paint contained lead, the old caulking had asbestos fibers and the window glazing needed repair. All the windows needed new weatherizing and sealing to prevent air or intrusion to prevent further damage.


After seeing the results obtained when a test patch was installed, the client chose to specify a Safe Encasement System to make these surfaces safe while restoring the building’s original appearance. To make certain residents were never exposed to hazardous dust or fibers, all windows were first sealed from the inside. The contractor then used wet-removal techniques to remove any loose or badly damaged paint, and then all of these surfaces were stabilized, sealed and primed with SE-110 Penetrating Stabilizer. Next all the damaged and missing caulk was replaced using SE-151 Architectural Sealant. When thoroughly dry, all of these surfaces were overcoated with SE-120 Protective skin, completing the encasement process. This same process was used on all these galvanized trim surfaces. Choosing the encasement method to abate these surfaces saved the client time and money while minimizing the risk of exposure to tenants and children.