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Stucco House – Minnesota

Case History


Cedar Avenue Stucco House




An 80-year old stucco home was coated with badly peeling lead-based paint. Because of the location of the home at the junction of two busy downtown streets and the fact that there was little land on the side of the house facing one of the streets , the options for surface preparation were limited. Power-washing was ruled out because of the difficulty of collecting and containing the wash water. There were numerous areas where the stucco was cracked or otherwise damaged.


The surface of the stucco was hand scrubbed with a 4-5 % solution of Chlor*Rid to remove the loose, flaking paint and eliminate any efflorescence. The primary use of Chlor*Rid is to remove corrosion-causing soluble salts on metal surfaces before they are coated, but it has also been shown to facilitate the removal of efflorescence. The surfaces were then stabilized by spray-applying approximately 10 wet mils of SE-110 Penetrating-Stabilizer (primer). The shrinkage of the primer as it dried caused some of the remaining paint to lift in a few areas, which was rectified by a unique application of caulk that was worked in by the workers wearing latex gloves. Cracks were then filled using the same urethane-acrylic caulk, followed by the spray-application of approximately 10 wet mils of SE-120 Protective-Skin (topcoat) that had been pigmented to achieve the desired color.

This environmentally-friendly coating system was applied by Budget Sandblasting & Painting, Inc. of Inver Grove Heights, MN.