Abatement by Encasement: Safeguarding People while Saving MoneyTM

Peerless Apartments – Denver, CO

Case History


Peerless Apartments


Denver, CO


The Peerless Apartments in downtown Denver is a historic structure that was slated for complete restoration. The peeling lead-based paint on the exterior of the building posed a special challenge in that the brick was of the soft variety that would not permit aggressive scraping. Removal of the old paint would not only have been time-consuming and costly, but special care would have been needed to avoid damaging the brick.


Accordingly, a decision was made to encase the walls using SES-110 penetrating-stabilizer (primer) and pigmented SE-120 protective skin (topcoat). Pressure washing was limited to 200-300 PSIG because the use of higher pressures was likely to damage the brick. To facilitate the removal of the efflorescence, Chlor*Rid soluble salt remover was added to the wash water. Despite pressure washing before and after tuck-pointing, it was found that some efflorescence remained under loose paint that wasn’t removed by the limited pressures that had to be employed. Some careful scraping had to be done, particularly on the lower part of the walls. The end result was an attractive, long-lasting protective coating that protects against the release of lead-based paint into the environment.

This environmentally-friendly coating system was specified by Risk Management Services of Wheat Ridge, Colorado and installed by Environmental Demolition, Inc. of Golden, Colorado.