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Historical Building – Los Angeles, CA

Historic Preservation – Case History


Southern CA University Historical Building


Los Angeles, CA


The exterior painted surfaces of this Historic Building was cracked and peeling. Located on the campus of a Southern California University, there was a high level of concern regarding generating dust and migration of over-spray during this restoration project. Also, total removal of the old paint was felt to risk damaging the building details they wanted to preserve.


The damaged paint was stabilized with SE-110 Penetrating-Stabilizer (primer) which was roller & brush applied. Next, SE-150 was applied to weather-protect around all openings and for minor surface repairs. Last, SE-120 Protective-Skin (custom tinted) was spray, roller and brush applied over all the exterior surfaces, forming a Lead-SAFE protective barrier. Use of this method prevented any damage as removal of the old paint was minimal and was classified for disposal as construction debris. Final color was a tinted, solar-reflective white, which helps keep surfaces cooler, thereby keeping the interior building temperature cooler.