Abatement by Encasement: Safeguarding People while Saving MoneyTM

Riverland Community College – Midwest USA

Case History


Riverland Community College


Midwest USA


As with the pans or basins under air handlers, the basin under a cooling tower is a prime candidate for corrosion and subsequent leaks, shortening the useful life of these expensive and integral structures.The cause of the corrosion is not hard to pinpoint; the biocide chemistry proven to combat the formation of the dangerous biological contaminates that otherwise can exist in these systems (legionella, etc.) contain halogens such as chlorine and bromine.Even when used in the minimal levels necessary to be effective biocides, over the years of use salts of these anions will build up on the surface of the basin.Where the corrosion is most noticeable is where the salt level will be highest.Extending the life of a tower with a corroded and maybe leaky basin can be very expensive, requiring the custom replacement of the basin, or even the replacement of the tower itself.This can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars, while the installation of this coating system will cost a few thousand dollars


Safe Encasement System offers a complete and comprehensive coating solution to this difficult challenge. First the corrosion catalyzing salts must be removed. In this case a power wash using 4% of SES’ Chlor*Rid soluble salt remover was the first step.After the surface was dry, SE-110-CI Corrosion-Inhibiting primer was spray-applied at 16 wet mils. This was allowed to dry for 5 days (2-3 days is minimum).The reason for the extended dry time is that the topcoat to be applied is a submersible topcoat, meaning that it is water vapor impermeable, so the primer must be completely dry.Then 9 wet mils of SE-FE submersible topcoat was applied.SE-FE is a 2-part 100% solids urethane, allowing only 25 minutes between mixing and application.In 24 hours the tower can be put back into use. This system can come with a 5-year warranty.This approach can add 10-20 years life to a cooling tower.