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MajorCorporate Headquarters – St. Paul, MN

Corrosion Control – Case History


Major Midwest Corporate Headquarters


St. Paul, MN


Both sides of an air inlet grill (1,200 square feet of surface area) were covered with aging Lead-Based Paint (LBP) in damaged condition that was loose and peeling in some areas. Also, visible evidence of mold & mildew and metal corrosion existed in a few spots. For air quality and visual appearance reasons, the owner of this major Midwest headquarters site wanted a quick and affordable solution.


Because of the ability of SAFE Encasement’s products to be applied over damaged paint with little or no surface preparation, only a quick wiping of the surfaces with a damp cloth was needed. Only the damaged paint loose enough to be knocked off by this approach was removed. HEPA vacuuming was used to collect any debris loosened during this wiping step, then an 18-20 wet mil thickness of SAFE Encasement’s SE-110-CI Penetrating-Stabilizer was spray applied to both sides of the grill. Four hours later the entire grill was over-coated with SE-310 satin-finish topcoat (tinted to match the color scheme used throughout their site).