Abatement by Encasement: Safeguarding People while Saving MoneyTM

GreenwayHigh School – Coleraine, MN

Case History


Greenway High School


Coleraine, MN


Galvanized metal decorative trim, flashing and roof top ventilators on this 1920’s era building were coated with multiple layers of flaking Lead-Based Paint (LBP). Complete removal of the paint on the flashing and trim near the top of the wall was considered impractical and would be very costly.


The solution chosen was removal of only the very loose, flaking paint, followed by stabilization of the surfaces with SE-110-CI which contains a highly effective corrosion inhibitor.Following the removal of the damaged paint, 16-18 wet mils of the SE-110-CI was spray applied. This primer penetrated the old LBP, re-adhering any loose paint while rendering it non-friable.Custom tinted SE-120 was then spray applied over the primer at 16-18 wet mils completing the encasement process.