Abatement by Encasement: Safeguarding People while Saving MoneyTM

Food Processing Facility – Midwest USA

Corrosion Control – Case History


Food Processing Facility


Midwest USA


This extremely busy Midwest meat cutting and packaging facility had issues with the USDA relative to the condition of the walls, and their ability to clean them to the satisfaction of the USDA. The walls were a galvanized metal plate surface, approximately 1/16th of an inch in thickness. Replacement options were too expensive for both time constraints on this busy facility, and the cost of this option. Doing nothing was not an option due to the decreasing ability to properly clean this surface now visible corroded by the cleaning chemicals required in a food related plant. Attempts at applying various types of coatings led to failures due to inadequate adhesion.


Encasement was chosen based on its environmentally friendly make up, ability to stick to this difficult surface, compatibility with the short time frame allowed for work, and overall project cost. First all surfaces were power washed with a 2% solution of Chlor*Rid soluble salt remover in water. C*R helps to remove the salts such as NaCl left by the sanitizing chemicals, which catalyze the corrosion reaction. Then SE-110-CI spray applied at 10 WFT (Wet Film Thickness). A small amount of SE-151 caulk was used where corrosion had left holes. Then SE-120 was spray applied at 10 WFT. Client reports the savings were significant vs. other options.