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Soil Remediation Project – Newhaven, CT

Asbestos Abatement – Case History


Soil Remediation Project – Connecticut


Newhaven, CT


Alternatives from digging out the top 3-6 inches of soil, which was not practical and could have shifted this 150-year-old foundation built on a stone foundation (not concrete), to pouring concrete material were given . The concrete method was eliminated for three reasons. They include cost (3 times the price of SES), the reasonable assumption that due to the nature of the foundation and side walls the concrete would crack leaving the situation exposed, and already tight spatial situation. This last one is the most important. At the present time there are some steam pipes less than 9 inches from the soil bottom with a ceiling less than five feet throughout the crawl space. To add concrete would have eliminated a crucial 2-3 inches of space.


SE-110, SE-PF, and SE-120 tinted were used on this project. We locked down the soil which had some loose asbestos fibers from old pipe wrap insulation. This was performed so that new data lines could be installed within the crawl space in the basement. This 300 foot long crawl space had various angles, limited access and sloped slightly from one end to the other. All large loose material was removed from the space first, but existing rocks and small debris that remained were enclosed by the SES system.