Abatement by Encasement: Safeguarding People while Saving MoneyTM

Pantages Theater – Minneapolis, MN

Asbestos Abatement – Case History


Pantages Theater


Minneapolis, MN


In the early 1900’s the Pantages Theater was the spot for theatrical entertainment for Minneapolis, MN. Left in almost ruins since 1984, the Minneapolis Community Development Agency in 2001 began an extensive effort to return this to a useful condition without destroying its historical value. One of the chores was to drop the old fire curtain down and into a large plastic wrap for disposal, due to its being asbestos containing material. Imagine the pleasant surprise when the now visible “visitor side” of the curtain revealed a beautiful painted mural traced back to the hands of Tony Heinsbergen, and is the only remaining example of his work in the theater. It is probably a 1916 era creation.


Encasement was chosen based on its environmentally friendly make up, ability to stick and penetrate into this friable surface and passing the relevant ASTM’s for abatement of an asbestos containing material via a coatings approach.

The entire curtain was HEPA vacuumed, both sides. SE-110 penetrating primer was spray applied to both sides. This penetrates fully through the curtain, cures into a flexible matrix, and converts the ACM into a safe non-friable form, drying to a clear appearance. SE-120 was spray applied on the white side. Then SE-160 clear topcoat was spray applied on the art work side. The MCDA was thrilled with this preservation effort. This abatement via encasement effort was engineered by EnecoTech Midwest, Inc of Eagan, MN, and applied by Envirobate of Minneapolis, MN. HGA of Minneapolis were the architects. Schuler & Shook, Inc., was the Theatre Consultant for this project.

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