Abatement by Encasement: Safeguarding People while Saving MoneyTM

Colorado State Univ. Gym – Ft. Collins, CO

Asbestos Abatement – Case History


Moby Gym at Colorado State University


Ft. Collins, CO


Planned renovations at the Moby Gym on the Colorado State University campus in Ft. Collins, CO, necessitated the abatement of asbestos fireproofing on beams as well as overspray on the corrugated deck ceiling and the HVAC system ducts. Note that the finished renovation project would include the need for fireproofing and fire protection. In order to reduce the cost of abatement and accomplish the work in a shorter period of time, the form of abatement known as encasement was selected over removal and replacement.


The SE-110 Penetrating-Stabilizer (primer) was spray-applied to achieve a coverage rate equivalent to 16-20 wet mils over the beams and 10-12 wet mils over other surfaces. The SE-110 primer, which penetrates into the asbestos rendering it non-friable, remains tacky when dry. SE-120 topcoat was then spray-applied to achieve the same coverage rates. The SE-120 Protective-Skin topcoat bonds with the primer forming a tough, long-lasting, flexible, seamless protective barrier that prevents the asbestos from getting into the environment, while keeping the good fireproofing properties of the ACM. Cost savings were estimated at 60% to 70% less than abatement by removal and replacement.