Asbestos Abatement Products

Below is a listing of SAFE Encasement Systems' asbestos abatement products, along with links to their corresponding Product Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets:

*All PDS and MSDS are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader to be viewed.
SE-110-MS Penetrating-Stabilizer – Multi-Surface Primer plus Encapsulant with Corrosion and Mold Inhibitors – A safe-to-use, water-based, VOC compliant, non-toxic primer plus encapsulant that penetrates, stabilizes and seals hazardous surfaces including damaged painted surfaces, friable fibrous insulation materials, prevents rusting surfaces and can be used over treated mold surfaces. Suitable where excellent adhesion is required on interior or exterior surfaces including walls, eaves, ceilings, old or new wood, window sills, air ducts, pipe insulation, asbestos fireproofing, fiberglass insulation, Transite, plaster and concrete. SE-110-MS REPLACES SE-110 AND SE-110-CI. Consult with SES Representatives for details.
SE-120 Protective-Skin - A flat-finish, water-based, nontoxic, high-solids, 100% acrylic coating that remains flexible, will not crack, chip or peel, mold-resistant and fire-resistant. Suitable for application directly or over SE-110 or -CI primers on lead-paint, asbestos or treated mold surfaces.
SE-150 Architectural Sealant (100% Acrylic Caulk) - a fully compatible trowel grade caulk that is used to seal, fill and repair any surfaces that are to be encased. (available in 3.5 gallon pails)
SE-160 High Gloss - Clear topcoat that is used for added dirt resistance to selected Encased or Encapsulated surfaces (interior and exterior).
SE-310 Satin Finish - White topcoat that is used for added protection from airborne dirt on selected Encased or Encapsulated surfaces (interior and exterior).
SE-SAT Self Adhesive Tape - a 4" wide reinforcing tape, polyester with butyl rubber sealant, excellent for the sealing of seams and to reinforce weakened insulation.
SE-PF Polyester Reinforced Fabric is 100% polyester fabric with outstanding physical strength properties, quick wet-out and saturation characteristics, unique elongation features, and easy handling and application.
*The above products are compatible with each other and work together to safely abate the risks of pre-1978 paint and insulation materials.